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The customize items menu is a section of the main menu UI in Team Fortress 2 that gives access to the loadout, backpack, crafting, Mann Co. Catalog, and trading sub-menus.

It does what is says in the title, adds more backpack slots. It expands your backpack by 100 slots or 2 pages. Updated 2015.07.19 The cost for the item in the Mann Co store is $0.99, but you can ... TF2 Backpack went from 50 slots > 300 slots > back to 50 ... I've never spent any money on this account, but my my tf2 inventory somehow upgraded in slots, then downgraded again to 50 slots (and I have 70+ items now). I'd assumed some random nice person gave me a free premium upgrade, but I have no idea now. Anyone know how this happened, and what I should do? Missing backpack slots? -PLEASE HELP- :: Team Fortress 2 ... Team Fortress 2. All Discussions ... Proof of purchase and a frying pan, but my backpack slots stay at 50? ... Since TF2 itself is free, having it included in the ... team fortress 2 - Best Way to Get a backpack Expander in TF2 ... My backpack is constantly filling up. This requires me to turn items into scrap that I wanted to save or even throw items away. I researched online and found that there is a Team Fortress 2 item called the backpack expander which increases the capacity of your backpack.

Ребята как сделать больше слотов в рюкзаке Team Fortress

Backpack - Team Fortress Wiki - Team Fortress 2 22. nov 2012 ... Free-to-Play Team Fortress 2 spillere har bare en begrensning opp til en ... addition of 100 more slots per use to a total of 1000 backpack slots.

Backpack Slots Tf2 -

Backpack Slots Tf2 -

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